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Medical Providers

Prescribing Folate+ is easy and allows you to keep your prescriptive authority and professional oversight versus sending patients somewhere online to buy L-methylfolate. Folate+ is a complete, non-prescription medical food to be used under medical supervision.

Prescribing Folate+

Follow the instructions below to get your patient started on Folate+ for a $1 a day.  If you have additional questions about the prescribing process or any other questions, please call us at 985-629-5742.

Folate+ ingredients.png

Click "Prescribe Now" above and fill out the electronic prescriber form along with your patient's information. 

A customer service representative will reach out to you patient promptly by phone to get them started on Folate+.  Folate+ is always $29.95 per 30 day supply.

Folate+ orders are processed quickly and normal delivery times are 3-5 business days.  Auto-refill is also available for patients.

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