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option for depression & other psychiatric issues

Prescription Strength

Bioactive & Pure Ingredients

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The Importance of L-methylfolate and methylated B vitamins

Supporting research and clinical data have shown the critical role folates play in normalizing and balancing neurotransmitters - serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine and the impact on mood and overall mental wellness.  The ingredients found in Folate+ are in an active/pure form to allow it to readily cross the blood-brain barrier and for utilization in the Central Nervous System (CNS).

Folate+ contains clinically studied ingredients that are safe, natural, and effective with no drug-like side effects.  

Folate+ helps with overall mood, brain fog, energy, and sleep

Folate+ can be taken alone or with current antidepressants

“ Folate Deficiency may increase the risk of depression and reduce the action of antidepressants. Individuals with an inherited polymorphism MTHFR are at high risk for folate deficiency and for Major Depressive Disorder"  

Stephen M. Stahl MD, PHD

Novel Therapeutics for Depression, CNS Spectrum, 2007

Folate+ is a NEW & Affordable Option that Addresses the Biochemical Root Cause of Psychiatric Disorders - Naturally. Now only $29.95 on every 30-day supply.

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"There is consistent and growing evidence of a role for various folate forms in the prevention and treatment of depression... [Adding] Folate can also be used to enhance antidepressant efficacy (effectiveness) from the start of treatment or for patients who are already on antidepressant treatment"

The American Psychiatric Association Task Force Assessment of Evidence, Challenges, and Recommendations


Manufactured in the USA

Folate+ is manufactured at an FDA-registered, GMP Certified facility in the U.S. This gives you assurance when you prescribe Folate+ that it has been tested for safety and is manufactured utilizing industry best practices.

*Medical foods are intended to meet distinctive nutritional requirements of a disease or condition and to be used under medical supervision by a licensed healthcare provider.

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